Wohler Measuring, Inspection & Cleaning Equipment

Image Inspection Services is an exclusive Canadian Dealer for Wohler Measuring, Inspection & Cleaning Equipment. Contact us to purchase equipment for a wide variety of applications.

Wohler develops, produces and markets innovative measuring, inspection, and cleaning equipment for building services. They produce high quality and portable pushrod camera systems in both forward view and Pan and Tilt, gas detectors, and chimney tools.

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Popular Equipment We Sell

We sell a wide variety of Wohler Measuring, Inspection & Cleaning Equipment, but the following are our most popular products:

Wohler Accessories

Glass Mirror High Quality Glass Mirrors ensure a detailed inspection. The mirror can be adjusted with help of the ball and socket joint, so objects

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Wohler Econometers

Wohler E 335 Econometer Introduction into the professional Flue Gas Analysis The Wohler E 335 combines traditional probe and hose assembly configuration with compact sleek

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Wohler Flue Gas Analyzers

Your tasks, our solutions! When it comes to Flue Gas Analysis, Wohler USA offers technologically advanced Flue Gas Analysis Instruments, Digital Combustion Measurement Tools, Econometers,

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Wohler L 200 Locator

Penetrating Views Through Concrete and Asphalt Features: Locates radio signals transmitted by the camera head – rapidly pinpoints damage Easy to handle – user guided

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Wohler Vipers

Wohler H 420 Handy Viper with Digital Distance Measurement The Wohler H 420 Handy Viper is the perfect tool to clean flue gas systems or

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Looking for Something Else?

We sell a wide selection of Wohler Measuring, Inspection & Cleaning Equipment. Find what you are looking for on their website, and contact us to assist with your purchase.
Wohler Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments

A range of combustion analyzers and test and measurement equipment to meet your specific needs.

Wohler Inspection Systems

Inspection Systems

Rugged and affordable drain and sewer inspection cameras in a variety of configurations.
Wohler Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

professional chimney cleaning tools appreciated by chimney sweeps around the world.
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