Sewer & Inspection Accessories

These are our high-quality, Canadian-made accessories for sewer and remote inspection applications. Please contact us for sales and repair.

Lift Winch

Lift Winch The Lift Winch is designed to provide easy launch and retrieval of camera crawlers.  The winch features a rugged epoxy powder coated frame

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Root Cutter

Root Cutter This hydraulic root cutter is used on a power flusher to provide cutting and chain flail cleaning abilities. It is constructed from 4140

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Lateral Cutter

Lateral Cutter The Image lateral cutter is unique in its all aluminum lightweight construction. It has dual color cameras built in and is stabilized during

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Custom Cables

Custom Cables Image Inspection custom engineers electrical and video cables for almost any application. Our cables have varied from fiber optic and coaxial to simple

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CCTV Equipment

CCTV Equipment We offer a variety of CCTV equipment: Black and White Cameras (1.10MB) Color Camera (1.26 MB) Surveillance Cameras (1.66 MB) Specialty Cameras (775

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Overlay Low cost distance-OSD Economy OSD-systems B/W and color Video Writer NTSC/PAL Y/C-option Uses standard keyboard Distance counter foot/metric RS-232-Interface to PC RS-232-Interface to control

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Video Amplifier

Video Amplifier The Image video amplifier is an adjustable compensation amplifier designed to correct for video losses over various types of cable. It is available

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To our customers and suppliers,

Image Inspection Services Ltd. has taken pride in serving our customers for 36 years. We started with very humble beginnings and grew into a name that has successfully sold equipment around the globe.

However, these past couple of years have been very difficult and have impacted many businesses. So, it is with a heavy heart we too have decided close our doors. Due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control it is no longer feasible for us to continue in business. Our official end date for being in business will be March 31/22.

It will take some time for us to make adjustments on the accounts, clear out equipment, machines, tools, etc. If you have any questions about some stock items that we may still have you can reach out to us.

We’d like to thank our loyal customers and appreciate our suppliers for years of service. It has been an honour to serve you and we wish you every success.

Paul and Denise Varro