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Wohler USA offers Temperature, Air Quality, Humidity Testing Equipment, Differential Thermometers, Anemometers, Moisture Meters, and more to meet your Temperature, Air Quality and Humidity Testing and Measurement needs.

Take a look at the Wöhler Temperature/Air Quality & Humidity instruments and find the right product for your application.

Wohler RF 220 Hygrotemp

Wohler RF 220 HygrotempRelative Humidity and Temperature Determination

The Wohler RF 220 Hygrotemp is a mobile, battery-driven measuring instrument to quickly determine relative humidity and temperature within buildings and offices. It helps to inspect the building for mold and other humidity related problems.  The dew point and wet bulb temperature are calculated online from the current air humidity and temperature.

Wohler SP 22 Sound Level Meter

Wohler SP 22 Sound Level MeterSound Level Determination

The Wohler SP 22 Digital Sound Level Meter provides automatic or manual ranging in six measurement ranges from 30 to 130 dB. The unit meets ANSI S 1.4 and IEC 651 Type 2 standards, and features 0.1 dB resolution. A background noise absorber permits to measure sound levels accurately even in the presence of high background noise. The meter allows you to select between fast and slow response times and A and C weighting. A maximum hold function is provided. Jacks on the meter provide both AC and DC analog output, while a digital RS-232 interface allows you to use an optional cable to capture sound level data on a PC.

Wohler IRTemp 210 Infrared Thermometer

Wohler IRTemp 210 Infrared ThermometerNon-contact temperature measurement

The Wohler IR Temp 210 is an infrared Thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement of surfaces. The laser-pointer assistsin locating the area to be measured.

Wohler IR Hygrotemp 24

Wohler IR Hygrotemp 24Indoor Air Quality

The Wohler IR Hygrotemp 24 is a battery-driven multi-use measuring instrument to determine air humidity, air temperature and surface temperature. Furthermore, it calculates the dew point, the wet bulb temperature and the difference in the dew point and the surface temperature. Now, you can evaluate the indoor air quality and the mold potential with only one instrument. Three single values are displayed on the screen at one time. If there are poor lighting conditions, the display backlight can be turned on. The activated laser can determine the spot for the surface temperature measurement.

Wohler CM 220

Wohler CM 220CO Ambient Air Measurement

The Wohler CM 220 is perfect for the measurement of CO in the ambient air and the control of gas leakages on fire places. It is also able to determine the MAK-Value.

Wohler DT 310 Differential Thermometer

Wohler DT 310 Differential ThermometerMeasurement of Temperature

The Wohler DT 310 Differential Temperature Meter is a convenient, mobile and battery-driven measuring instrument to determine temperature differences. On the one hand, it displays individual temperatures, but on the other hand the difference between the two measured temperatures is also displayed.

Wohler FA 320 Fan Anemometer

Wohler FA 320 Fan AnemometerAir Speed / Air Flow Measurement

The Wohler FA 320 Fan Anemometer is a mobile, battery-driven measuring instrument for air speed, air volume, temperature and relative humidity. It is perfect to determine the air flow and the flow rate of ventilation systems. The large-scalegives smooth average readings.

Wohler HF 220 Wood Moisture Meter

Wohler HF 220 Wood Moisture MeterWood Moisture

The Wohler HF 220 is especially for quick evaluation of the humidity of wood. The long needles can be pushed up to 0.47″ into the wood, so you avoid measurement errors because of closeness to the surface.

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