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If you’re looking for Pressure and Leakage Testing equipment, Wohler USA specializes in cutting edge Pressure Testing Instruments, Flowmeters, Digital Manometers, Gas Sniffers, Leakage Testers, and more. Take a look at the Wöhler Pressure Testing Instruments and find the right instrument for your application.

Wohler DC 410FLOW Pressure Differential & Flowmeter

Wohler DC 410FLOW Pressure Differential & FlowmeterFeatures at a glance:
  • one instrument for measurement of pressure, air flow, temperature and relative humidity
  • brillant full colour OLED display
  • technician friendly one hand operation with 4 keypad
  • highly accurate with “no drift technology”
  • pressure resolution of 0.001″ WC
  • differential temperature with 2 probes
  • data logger function
  • USB port

Wohler DP 600 Leakage Tester

Wöhler DP 600 Leakage TesterChimney Tightness

  • Tightness testing with leakage rates up to 200.00 m3/h
  • Tightness testing of all chimney classes and fluegas systems
  • Tightness testing of fluegas systems of combined heat and power plants
  • Confirmation of a sufficient combustion air supply according to TRGI sheet G 625 (simple and detailed procedure)
  • Oven tightness testing
  • Tightness testing is also possible with depression

Wohler DM 2000 Digital Manometer

Wohler DM 2000 Digital ManometerThe easiest way of pressure measurement

The Wohler DM 2000 Digital Manometer is a highly precise measuring instrument for differential pressure and temperature. High accuracy and reliability are guaranteed e.g. for gas burner tuning. Furthermore it is very easy to handle.

Wohler GS 220 Gas Sniffer

Wohler GS 220 Gas SnifferDetection of Combustible Gases

The Wohler GS 220 is a highly sensitive and quick responsive Gas Sniffer to control tightness and to detect leakage of gas lines. The LEDs and the acoustic signal, which can also be heard over head phones, indicate even the smallest leaks. The Wohler GS 220 has a 440 mm flexible gooseneck that helps to access hard to reach spots. The Wohler GS 220 Gas Sniffer indicates the volume of the gas concentration of methane and propane in LEDs by stage (40 ppm to 640 ppm). The instrument is perfect for the control of gas lines carrying combustible gases.
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