Model 2CX Control Unit

P1011407 The model 2CX control unit is one of our most popular models of portable camera control unit. It features a large, easy to see, 10.4” built in LCD monitor, 500GB digital HD recorder, and camera control unit. It has an adjustable light power supply and can power both color and black and white camera heads. A built in onscreen text writer will record date, time, distance and input text from the operator. This is all stored in a rugged aluminum flight case with a compartment lid to hold tapes and cords.

The anniversary model 2 System has many standard features IMG_1284including a built in crawler adapter, optional deluxe distance, date, time and full on screen text counter overlays and RS232 compulink connector enabling a portable computer to interface with the unit for data collection and report generation. On screen text overlays are controlled by a standard computer keyboard that plugs into the front of the control unit.

The integrated Kevlar reinforced pushrod cable is heavy duty spring terminated with a built in 512 Hz transmitter. The camera head is to a 1.5” diameter high resolution color camera head with an impressive 570 lines resolution and high intensity white LED lighting.

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