Model 6 Control Unit

Model 6 UnitThe model 6 control unit is our smallest model of portable camera control unit. It features a built in color LCD monitor, video out connector for connecting to a VCR, and camera control unit. It has an adjustable light power supply and can power both color and black and white camera heads. The control unit and monitor are housed in a rugged waterproof case about the size of a small briefcase. The case also hold the optional roll up keyboard for on screen text.

The control unit has many optional upgrades including built in crawler adapter, optional basic on screen distance counter, optional deluxe distance, date, time and full on screen text counter overlays and comp u-link connector enabling a portable computer to interface with the unit for data collection and report generation. Optional on screen text overlays are controlled by a roll up computer keyboard that plugs into the front of the control unit and is stored inside the lid.

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