Model 2 Industrial Control Unit

Model 2 Industrial UnitThe model 2 industrial control unit is the most rugged and versatile model of portable camera control unit. It features a built in industrial color monitor, industrial DVD, DVR, or VCR, and rack mounted camera control unit. It has an adjustable light power supply and can power both mini color and pan and tilt cameras. A built in microphone jack for recorded voice commentary is standard equipment as is the rugged aluminum flight case with compartment storage to hold remotes, disks, and cords. The DVD unit is region free and records in MPEG4 format. The DVR records onto standard camera memory cards.

The control unit has many optional upgrades including a built in auxiliary lighting kit for mainline inspections, built in crawler controller, optional basic on screen distance counter, optional deluxe distance, date, time and full on screen text counter overlays, optional grade indicator, and compulink connector enabling a portable computer to interface with the unit for data collection and report generation. Screen text overlays are controlled by a standard computer keyboard that plugs into the front of the control unit. The rugged flight case features optional configurations including built in retractable dolly handle and built in heavy duty roller wheels, side by side desktop configuration or compact flip top design with 10.4” LCD monitor.

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