Mini Pan and Tilt Camera

Mini Pan & TiltThe Mini Pan and Tilt camera is the smallest Pan and Tilt camera head available from Image. This camera head can be pushrod or crawler mounted to provide advanced viewing of pipe wall defects. Its ultra small size enables it to be used for 4” pipe inspections where a high detail of wall conditions are not possible with straight viewing mini camera heads.

The Mini Pan and Tilt Camera is designed specifically to provide a close-up view of sewer pipe walls and lateral entrances through the use of a low light sensitive movable camera head with directional lighting. This color unit is designed for operation through up to 2000’ of multi-conductor coax cable in sanitary and storm sewers. Chassis construction is 100% solid state circuitry designed to withstand shocks and vibration normally sustained while being pulled through 6” or larger pipe.

Mini Pan & Tilt CameraOperating climatic ranges of the camera are -10 degrees C to +50 degrees C, and up to 100% relative humidity.The camera provides 360 degrees of radial rotation viewing with chip rotation to view all sewer wall surfaces and lateral connections. The rotating camera and lighthead configuration provides 270 degrees of pan and tilt angle. The 70 degree lens viewing angle yields a total pan and tilt viewing area in excess of 300 degrees. This configuration provides a 70 degree reverse angle (rear) viewing capability for incoming lateral inspection when camera is moving downstream away from lateral connections.

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