Linefinder 2200 Receiver

Linefinder 2200 ReceiverThe LF2200 improves upon the venerable LF2100 with more features and improved circuit design. Locates any frequency sonde or line exciter between 16 Hz and 100 KHz using exclusive “sniffing” feature. Built-in support of 16 Hz (steel or ductile iron), 512 Hz (cast iron or non-metallic) and 8 KHz (nonmetallic only) sondes. Traces underground metallic lines at 4 built-in industry standard frequencies using external line exciter. Passively locates underground power at 50/60 Hz. Clear LCD screens (with automatic backlight compensation) guide you through the steps critical to locating both sondes and lines with accurate position as well as precise depth. Locating is enhanced by handle vibration and LED feedback at key locating points, in addition to on-screen imagery.

User selectable scaling in English or Metric units. Uses 6 off-the-shelf AA alkaline batteries.


FrequencySondes at 16 Hz, 512 Hz & 8 KHz, 2 Custom “sniffable” sonde settings
Line tracing at 8 KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz & 64 KHz, 2 Custom “sniffable” line trace settings
Energized power line locating at 50-60 Hz
OutputLCD screen: Index, Peak locate, Line, Sonde, Track, Power, Sniff, Depth
Automatic Depth DetectionUp to 25 feet / 7.6 meters; accurate to 5% of depth
Manual Depth DeterminationUsing on-screen null indicators and simple calculation
Controls4-way thumb switch: Power on/off, Gain, Screen select, Sniffing activation
Speaker outputVariable rate click; headphone jack. Sound can be muted
Power source6 AA Alkaline
Battery life30-40 hours (depends on backlight usage)
Operating temperature-20 to +130º F / -29 to +54º C
Weight6 lbs. / 2.7 kg
Size32” x 8” x 4-1/4” / 81 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm

Locate Accuracy: 5% of depth, depending on depth
Depth Accuracy: 5% of depth with undistorted signal, with no adjacent signals, up to 14 ft / 4.3 m
Depth Range: Line – up to 10 ft / 3 m at 5% depth accuracy up to 14 ft / 4.3 m at 10% depth accuracy
Sonde: up to 60 ft / 18.3 m (with FV-40)

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