Integrated Pushrod Reel

The integrated pushrod reels is designed to propel the mini camera series in small diameter pipes such as building sewer laterals.

Several cable diameters are available for the fill range of pipe diameters from 1-1/2” to 8” diameter. Cable lengths up to 400’ are available. The cable reel can be operated in both a standing up and laying down position.

Cables are contracted around a rugged fiberglass core with copper conductors wrapped along with Kevlar and steel reinforcing members.

The cable jacket is a tough and slippery high density polyethylene plastic in bright safety orange color. The cable end connection is contained within a heavy duty spring assembly with metal shelled military specification connector.

A high quality mercury slip ring assembly ensures completely noise free, maintenance free service. There is also an optional accurate electronic distance counter and built in 512 Hz radio transmitter for above ground locating. The wheeled frame assembly is lightweight and easy to maneuver on built in wheels.

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