Grizzly Crawler

Grizzly CrawlerThe Grizzly Crawler is the largest member of a family of 4 robust wheeled camera crawlers. Pipe diameters from 24” and larger are possible with the use of various sizes of pneumatic wheels and spacers. The camera can carry standard or pan and tilt cameras and is ideal for demanding large pipe operation. The Grizzly features 4 wheel independent motor drive for steerable operation. For 4” pipe see the Mole wheeled crawler, for 6” to 24” operation see the Gopher or Wolverine crawler. Wheels and accessories are interchangeable on all models.


  • Solid anodized aluminum or brass body
  • Quad high torque 48 volt motors
  • 3 sizes of pneumatic storm tire available
  • Adaptable to multi-conductor systems
  • Available with desktop or 12” rack mounted controller
  • 32” length, 7” width, 6” height
  • Stainless steel wheel hubs and axles
  • O-ring sealed drive axles and bearings
  • Internal all four wheel drive, steerable
  • Forward, reverse, variable speed
  • Up to 2500’ pulls on mini camera cable
  • Perfect mate to our Model 2 series of camera control units and hand or cube cable reels with mini camera or nylon cable.
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