FM05 Transmitter​

FM05 Transmitter​The FM05 is the latest in new technology from Prototek. The miniature size and water-resistant seal of this powerful transmitter make it possible to locate in places never before accessible.


  • Frequency: 512 Hz. Compatible with all 512 Hz receivers
  • Sizes: 5/8 inch X 1 1/2 inches
  • Line size: Moves through lines 1 inch and up (1 1/2 inch P-traps)
  • Range: 5 feet thru cast iron, 7 feet in nonmetallic
  • Signal tone: Continuous
  • Duration: 8 hours full strength
  • Power: One #393 button cell battery

FM05 Transmitter Kit​


  • Greenlee 3/16” X 100’ Flex-O-Twist Fish Tape.
  • Two (2) #393 button batteries and extra O-ring in white key chain battery caddle attached to tape case.FM05 Transmitter Kit​
  • Prototek Stainless Steel Drophead coupler permanently affixed to tape.
  • FM-05 Transmitter which can be screwed directly into the drophead or used independently with separate cap provided in the kit.
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