All Terrain Video Unit

All Terrain Video UnitThe “Bigfoot” All Terrain Video Unit is a compact fully self contained pipe inspection system. Designed as a small community sewer inspection system for both on and off road usage, the lightweight mini 4 X 4 chassis, coupled with wide low impact turf tires provides ample ability for traversing sensitive off road areas with minimal damage to landscaping and noise disturbance.

What makes this unit truly unique is that the entire video unit is powered from a self contained roof mounted solar panel, charge controller, battery system and power inverter which makes it virtually silent during operations. The video system is housed within a light weight aluminum box that will contain a variety of camera control panels, cable reels, crawlers, and tools.


  • Fuel efficient mini 4 X 4 truck chassis
  • Lightweight weatherproof aluminum box
  • Onboard self contained solar power system
  • Houses mainline reel, pushrod, crawlers camera control unit, and power system
  • Giant turf tires minimize landscaping impact
  • Perfect mate to our Model 2 series of camera control units, hand or cube cable reels with mini camera or nylon cable
  • Available with any type of Image camera system or combination of components
  • Fully customized drop-in box unit
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