The new VE-200 Wireless Video Endoscope is now available!

This lightweight camera system is perfect for home inspections and industrial applications.

· Snapshot and Video Functions
· Direct forwarding of data – no further data transmission necessary
· Image display via wireless
· Compatible devices (such as netbooks, Smartphone, tablet)
· 40″ goose-neck
· Video Recording
· Variable Light intensity of the flashlight for Illumination of cavities

See more specifications here!

New Pan & Tilt Chimney Camera

The new Pan & Tilt Chimney Camera is now available!

This lightweight camera system is perfect for chimney and borehole inspections.


  • 100′ Cable & Reel
  • Pan-Tilt 360° / 180° Waterproof Color Camera Head with Manual Zooming
  • Control Panel for UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and Manual Zooming
  • 7″/10″ LCD Monitor with DVR and MIC
  • Recording with USB Flash Drive and SD Card
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Case


Forbest Chimney Camera

Electronics Repairs

We offer repair for all makes and models of sewer inspection equipment, leak location equipment, and general electronics including Aries, Cues, Rigid, Sreco and Radio Detection brands.

We custom design circuit boards and provide assembly services for small to medium sized production runs both by hand and 12” wave solder machine.

Please contact us for details and for a quote on your project.

ISO 9001 Certification Renewal

iso_logoWe are proud to have our ISO 9001:2008 renewed until 2018. We obtained our certification in July 27, 2015. Providing high standards and consistency is central to our business.

Mini Pan & Tilt Camera

The Mini Pan and Tilt camera is the smallest pan-and-tilt camera head available from Image Inspection Services. The head can be pushrod- or crawler-mounted and can be used for 4-inch pipe inspections where straight-viewing heads cannot adequately view defects. It negotiates 90-degree bends in 4-inch pipe. The low-light-sensitive movable color camera head has dual directional lighting. It operatesx through up to 2,000 feet of multi-conductor cable.

All-solid-state circuitry withstand shocks and vibration. Remote focus, 90-degree turn, 360-degree rotate, adjustable close-up lighting intensity, and return-to-center controls are on the system joystick. The camera provides digital signal transmission with auto self-levelling, tilt and rotation, automatic system diagnostics, and 360 degrees of endless radial rotation viewing. The rotating camera and lighthead configuration provides 270 degrees of pan and tilt angle. The 70-degree lens viewing angle yields a total pan-and-tilt viewing of more than 300 degrees, providing 70-degree rear viewing capability for incoming lateral inspection when camera is moving away from connections. Combined with the company’s Gopher crawler, the unit can inspect 6- to 24-inch lines.